How to Block Zenith Bank ATM Card


Block Zenith Bank ATM Card (USSD)

If you’ve lost your debit card or you think your account details has been compromised, you can stop unauthorised debit transactions on your account using the Zenith Bank USSD self service code on your mobile device.

To block or deactivate your Zenith Bank ATM card, simply dial *966*911# or *966*60# on your Zenith Bank registered mobile number and follow the prompts to stop debit transactions on your account if your debit card is lost or stolen or your account details have been compromised.

Block Zenith Bank ATM card (Internet Banking)

You can also block or deactivate your Zenith Bank ATM card via the Zenith Bank internet banking portal.

  1. Log-on to the Zenith Bank Internet Banking portal with your Account Number and password or PIN/Token.
  2. Click on the Cards menu on your left.
  3. From the drop-down, select Deactivate Card to stop all debit transactions on your account.

Block Zenith Bank ATM card (Mobile App)

Another option to block your Zenith ATM card is through the Zenith Mobile App. You can deactivate your card if you’re a registered user on the Zenith Mobile App. To do this:


  1. Log-on to the Zenith Mobile App with your username and password.
  2. Select Cards and Cheques from the menu.
  3. Scroll down and select Deactivate Card.
  4. Enter your PIN and token to authenticate and your card will be deactivated.

Account/Card Safety Tips

Here are a few safety tips you should always remember:

  • Ensure your phone is password enabled and do not share your mobile app password with anyone.
  • Ensure no one (not even family) is watching when you enter PIN to perform transactions.
  • Ensure your hardware token is secure and other parties (including family) do not have access to it.
  • Ensure your debit card PAN and CVV are never exposed to other people.

When you should deactivate your card

  • If you misplace your card or it gets stolen
  • If your debit card gets stuck in an ATM
  • If you suspect that your card details have been exposed to a third party
  • If you notice any form of unauthorized debits on your account other than your bank charges.

Three ways you can quickly deactivate your debit card:

  • Dial *966*60#, select Next and choose the Block Card option.
  • Log-on to Zenith mobile app, go to the Cards and Cheques menu and choose Deactivate Card option.
  • Call Zenith Direct on: 012787000, 012927000, 0700ZENITHBANK, 07009364842265.

Visit any Zenith Branch

You can also visit any Zenith Branch and request to deactivate your ATM card. Upon deactivating your card, a new one can be issued to you instantly when you visit any Zenith Bank branch nationwide irrespective of where your account was opened.

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