How to Block MTN SIM Card If your Phone Is Stolen

Block MTN SIM Card

Whenever your SIM card or phone is lost or stolen, you should block and deactivate your line. Also, contact your bank to prevent any authorized access to your bank account if the line is linked to any of your account.

How to Block MTN SIM Card

Request to block your line through any of the following channels:

You will need to provide the following information for Ownership Verification and assistance:

  • Phone number
  • Full name used in registration
  • Year of Activation
  • Date of Birth
  • Tariff Plan
  • PUK
  • Last Recharge Amount
  • Last Recharge date
  • Account Balance
  • Residential Address
  • Mother’s Maiden Name
  • Frequently dialed numbers
  • Last number called
  • Last data bundle activated
  • Type of phone/device
  • Active VAS on the line.
  • The last date a sim swap was
    done on your line.

How to Retrieve your Line

To retrieve your line you will need:

  • your phone number
  • the sim pack or other evidence of direct purchase or ownership
  • when SIM pack is unavailable, a sworn affidavit attesting to ownership and loss is required
  • three frequently dialed numbers
  • details of your last recharge activities
  • a valid means of ID such as international passport, Driver’s License, National ID Card and Voters Identification Card. NIN slips with ID numbers are also accepted.

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